Delving Deep: Three Learning’s Mission, Vision and Core Values

At the core of every organisation is an overarching Mission, Vision and set of Core Values that define and chart the forward journey towards greater heights. Without these important guideposts, it is easy to feel lost and adrift, just like a ship out in the ocean without a destination or a compass. In this article, we explore and delve deep into Three Learning’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.


3L Mission

“To provide organisations with effective and engaging e-Learning solutions that enable them to implement their e-learning strategy, so as to create, retain and leverage their intellectual capital.”

This Mission Statement is Three Learning’s raison d’etre and one that continually guides us through our projects and our work. We believe that continued learning is applicable to all sectors, and we strive to assist our clients achieve their training objectives by providing effective and engaging e-learning solutions.

With technological advancements continually reshaping the ways in which businesses carry out their operations, we endeavour to leverage on the latest technologies to enhance workplace training and education. These include developments such as our Three Learning Development System (3LDS), engaging gamification strategies, and our upcoming learning portal Koollab.


3L Vision

“By 2020, help 500 organisations attain high Return of Investment for their e-learning dollars, measured in terms of learners achieving the required learning outcomes.”

Three Learning is always open to working with new organisations to assist them in achieving their training objectives. We strive to make a positive impact on our clients and help them attain a high return on their e-learning investment, which can be quantified in terms of the level of learners’ knowledge retention, improvement and the attainment of new skills. We do this by developing training coursewares for our clients, providing learning management system (LMS) services that cater to various training needs, as well as consultancy services to help organisations better train their people.

Having a Vision provides us with a tangible target to strive for, and our team is working hard to turn it into a reality!


3L Core Values: Integrity, Passion, Innovation

Core values are the important principles of an organisation that form the foundations upon which its people perform work and conduct themselves. At Three Learning, the core values that govern our work ethic are: Integrity, Passion and Innovation.

Integrity stands for not only honesty, righteousness and morality, but also wholeness, completion and cohesion. Our company believes in working as a team to complete our projects and produce the most comprehensive services for our clients. Integrity is key in both Three Learning’s internal operations and client relations.

To have Passion means to have excitement, enthusiasm and zest for one’s vocation. Here at Three Learning, we take pride in our work and we show up each day with a renewed sense of eagerness and gusto. Our team firmly believes that our Mission of delivering top quality e-learning services to our clients contributes to maximising their intellectual capital, and commits to this purpose passionately.

Innovation is key to staying ahead of our competitors and helping our clients achieve their learning objectives with the latest technologies and most advanced platforms available. Our team is always thinking of novel and creative ways to better serve our clients. A key example of 3L’s innovative spirit is in our instructional design process that repackages conventionally “dry” content into attention-grabbing scenarios that are directly relatable and relevant to learners.

Three Learning’s core values underlie how we perform our work, how we interact with each other, and the strategies we employ to fulfill our Mission. We are continually looking for better ways to work with greater integrity, passion and innovation – to ultimately serve our clients better.

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