Imagine being able to pinpoint the areas which a learner needs improvement on. Or imagine being able to be fully confident that your staff are able to perform on a certain task. To achieve these, KOOLLAB uses profound data, on top of traditional SCORM data, to track and measure learning outcomes. From there, an organisation can make informed decisions on how to further evolve their content, learning goals, and training strategy.

Require A Learning Management System?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are an integral part of any e-Learning deployment strategy. A good LMS is able to provide important e-Learning related information to administrators, while keeping the interface for learners user friendly and intuitive.

Three Learning’s Learning Management System, KOOLLAB, goes one step further. Aside from the essential functions of an LMS, KOOLLAB is able to provide insights on an additional piece of data which is vital in any organisation’s training strategy – Learning Effectiveness.

KOOLLAB Features

These features assist not only in administering learning effectively, but also in empowering organisation’s with key insights on their overall training situation. This will assist stakeholders in creating an overall feedback loop, creating an environment where learning becomes an adaptive and ever evolving mechanism.

    • User-friendly and professional graphic interface
    • Standard LMS reporting of progress and completion
    • Hierarchical Reporting
    • Role specific learning paths and assignments
    • Courseware survey and feedback
    • Learning outcome measurement and evaluation
    • Advance reporting and data collection
    • And more!
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