Mobile-First Learning Framework.

With the onset of mobile technologies, the e-leaning industry has experienced a shift towards mobile-friendly learning solutions. These often come in the form of responsive user interfaces and designs or micro learning content.
However, though these are more effective than traditional e-learning solutions, there has not been a solution with a mobile first concept in mind, until today.

Introducing 3L’s Single Page Learning Framework

Three Learning has developed a framework which focuses on a unique e-learning mobile experience. Using design trends from web-based mobile first design concepts, the learning design considers single hand usage, portrait learning, single-page design with infinite scrolling, advanced UI features, and just-in-time learning ideas.

As mobile usage becomes part and parcel of our daily lives, e-learning technologies will need to evolve and adapt in order to meet our increased expectations. Hence, coupled together with micro-learning, the single page learning framework can be used as a powerful tool in meeting numerous training objectives.

Benefits Of Mobile-First Learning Framework

For the Learner

Easy navigation
Learning connectivity
Increased retention

For the Organisation

Fully interactive
Usable for both standard and just-in-time training
Increased efficiency

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