Micro-Learning – Anytime, Anywhere

Micro-learning, or bite-sized learning, consists of short, easily digestible nuggets of information. Be it formal or informal, these modules can be made out of a variety activities, from quick learning videos and mini-games, to pop-quizzes and podcasts.

Targeted Learning Objectives

The key characteristic of Micro-Learning is the focus. Targeting only a single (or at most, a few) learning objectives, Micro-Learning becomes a strategy which allows learners to access only the “need-to-know” information, cutting through all the frills.

Benefits of Micro-Learning

There is greater learner control on what he or she wants to learn and in which order, thus providing the flexibility to skip certain sections in which the individual does not crucially need at that point of time.

Micro-learning provides the option for learning or training to be made readily available to learners (for them to learn at their own pace and access from various locations) be it at work, travel, or from home. This learning strategy is particular useful for target audiences who have limited time for learning and training, and require content at their fingertips.

Easily achievable milestones

Idea in today’s fast-paced information-centric environment

Variety of formats and strategies

Cost-effective and budget friendly

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