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Content Supplementation
“Hollywood” Creative Direction


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Intrinsic Motivation
Scenario-based Learning
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Need an effective and engaging e-learning solution?

Courseware Development
Three Learning Development System (3LDS)

Many training programs fail not because of the lack of value of the training material, but because of inferior delivery. The same problem surfaces in e-learning; valuable learning material is lost through poor implementation, which includes failure to address content gaps when training material is simply placed online.

Three Learning uses the 3LDS development mehodology, which is a proven in-house content development methodology that transforms training material into effective e-learning courseware by integrating content, pedagogy and technology to address the problem of content gaps, providing a unique learning experience.

With this, organisations can be confident that their overall training outcomes are being met, thus resulting in a sound return on investment.

3L Content Development Process

Besides developing e-learning coursewares based on our LRCR learning strategy, our team also follows a highly meticulous and systematic process that ensures the successful completion of every project based on the agreed deadline.

Our workflow can be broken down into the following 9 stages:

  • Step 1


    Client’s Business Objectives Training Requirements Stakeholders Involved

  • STEP 2


    Learning Objectives (LOs) Evaluation Criteria Assessment Methods

  • Step 3


    Training Content S.A.R. Learner Profiles

  • Step 4


    Storyboard User Interactivity Visual Representations

  • Step 5


    Motivational Strategies Creative Direction Information Delivery  

  • Step 6


    Content Insufficiencies Paraphrasing, Chunking Collaboration with SMEs

  • Step 7


    Voice-over Recording Graphics Programming

  • Step 8


    HTML5 SCORM Package E-Learning Solutions Tailored to Client’s Needs

  • Step 9


    Adaptive Solutions based on Post-Implementation Evaluations

3LDS – Addressing Content Gaps

E-Learning Instead of E-Content

Before transforming content into e-learning, we firstly identify content gaps and address them as part of the 3LDS process. This is done through a learning mapping exercise, which ties each and every piece of content to a corresponding learning outcome, thus ensuring you do not just end up with a “glorified PowerPoint presentation”.

Learner-centric Instead of Information-centric

We change the focus of information and instructor-centric courseware onto the learner. We use creative instructional design strategies and sound pedagogy to achieve the intended learning objectives and learner-centricity. Our focus is on the learner experience and motivation, not merely the information that is a “must” to go through.

Knowledge Retention Instead of Knowledge Loss

3LDS encompasses memory aid techniques to assist learners in retaining essential knowledge at near a 100% efficiency. Furthermore, the developed courseware builds context and relevancy for each and every learner, allowing learners to apply their new knowledge on the job.

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