Not sure what you need?

A well-developed e-learning solution meets both corporate objectives and budgets.

However, there are a few reservations organisations may face which may inhibit the execution of an e-learning development plan:

Will the substantial investment in e-learning be capable of delivering, managing, and measuring critical employee training?

Will the technical requirements be suitable for an organisation, and its technical limitations such as bandwidth and firewall?

We can offer advice on the e-learning needs of organisations and bundle our range of e-learning solutions – products as well as services – to suit almost every budget. Our aim is for organisations to embrace e-learning with ease. Our bundled products and services include the following:

  • Project management
  • e-Learning Application Portal with learning outcome measurement
  • Development of customer-critical content
  • Development of creative and multimedia
  • Elements to achieve learning objectives
  • Hosting and support