Gamification is a creative instructional design strategy which supports our pedagogy by adding engaging game-like elements to e-learning.

Why Gamification in e-Learning? 

In our customised e-learning courseware, we apply game design elements to engage and motivate learners to acquire knowledge or skills through our courseware design. 

Gamification quickly allows them to be drawn to the activity, and before they know it, they would have learnt by the end of the game-like activity. It’s on the rise in today’s fast-paced world.

Gamification_01Learn how to cook Singapore-style Chilli Crab! Instead of a recipe’s list of steps, our courseware turns it into a gamified learning experience. It uses a mission-based procedure tinged with elements such as options and time. Learners can choose to learn via “Show Me” (video mode) or “Let Me Try” (hands-on simulation).

What is the difference between game-based learning and gamification in learning? 

Game-based learning is targeted at teaching specific learning outcomes using games, while gamification is applying gameplay mechanics to learning modules or courses.